Pastor's Message

Two weeks ago I gave the 9:00AM Mass and I reported that “soon and very soon” you will be seeing the proposed new front entrance for our parish church. Last week the architect, Mr. Mark Paone, shared that the project is now at the stage where the community can see it. The Diocese of Orange has approved the plan and its projected costs. It has not gone to the City of Fullerton for permits.


Last weekend, parishioners had the opportunity to see photographs of the proposed entry. They were outside the church at the entrance, where the change will be. Mr. Rick Celio answered some questions following the 9:00AM Mass. Today, the drawings are available, this time in the Parish  Center. Following the 9:00AM Mass, Mr. Paone, the architect and Mr. David Hoferer, parishioner who was key to the design will be available for questions, comments, and concerns. Presenting the design with the architect and David to you, I am following the same collaborative process that I used for the enhancements to the inside of our church.


Describing the design: the new doors will be brought forward onto some of the bigger porch space, they will not be exactly where they are now. The doors will be wider and taller. The stained glass images of Jesus King of the Universe and Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth will be repositioned closer together to imitate the windows in the rest of the church. Some of the colored glass at the bottom of those images will be removed. They will be back-lighted so their images will show in the church. St. Juliana will be taken down, backlighted and framed, and repositioned as a shrine where the leaflet rack used to be, where the modest St. Juliana Parish banner is now. This will allow us to see her better, straight on. A canopy, access ramp, and flower planters will enhance the entry on the outside. New concrete will be poured. The “Chinese Theatre” letters will be kept – that is the intention. Pending city approval, two new trees of the same type will replace the two different trees that are planted in the park-way now. I’ve been told construction will take about eight weeks.


The project’s expected cost is about $280,000. About $130,000 has been raised; a parishioner contributed $50K, a non-parishioner $50K, and other contributions have come in specifically for the entry project. Of course we can count on extra expenses. Already one new addition is hand rails for the washrooms and sacristy, ordered by Risk Management of the Diocese of Orange. The old ones are no longer close to code. They need to be extended on the ends as the ones in the sanctuary of the church do. (GRRRRR) There is a lot more that can be done. Landscaping around the church for example. I don’t want to “bite off more than we can chew.” If you would like to contribute to something specific, please let me know!


I hope you appreciate what you see and feel welcome in the church. Come to it often.


The Fall Festival is in its final planning. Thank you to John and Maureen Kohaut, for your work as chairs once more and all who are taking on responsibilities for the three nights. I don’t want to leave a name out – thank you all of you who are volunteering direction, ideas, and labor. “We couldn’t do it without you!” To you who come, enjoy your time and help just because you are here and you can. Thank you to those who are sponsors. If you want to volunteer or become a sponsor, plenty of information can be found in this bulletin. I can’t wait! Really, I enjoy your company and the company you keep. Music, food, beverage, a good time to be had by all. Thank you everyone.


Thank you for your “ongoing support” of the second collections. The rather spontaneous collection for Hurricane Harvey was just over $6500.00 on that Sunday, a few more dollars came in last week. The missionary collection last weekend was $6280.50! WOW, that is great – REALLY GREAT, because YOU ARE GREAT, REALLY GREAT.