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Seven Holy Founders

Our seven Fathers were born and grew up in the city of Florence. Drawn together by friendship and devotion to the Blessed Virgin, they gave themselves to common prayer and works of charity. Their desire to serve God eventually led them to leave their homes and their businesses, and to form a community outside the city walls. About the year 1245 they moved to Monte Senario where, for a time, they followed a life of prayerful seclusion. As others came to join them, they laid the foundations for the Servite Order, whose members would be committed to the service of the Lord and others. They promised to follow Christ and witness his gospel; they took the Blessed Virgin as their Lady; and they lived communal life according to the Rule of St. Augustine. Pope Leo XIII canonized them as the Seven Founders of the Servite Order in 1888.
The crest of the Servite Order includes the crown with seven peaks, one for each of the Seven Holy Founders. The letters S and M are intertwined they are the letters of Servants of Mary. It has many variations. Travel throughout Italy and Europe, Servite High School, and various parishes in Chicago; find the crest where we are or where we have ministered.