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The Baptism of the Lord raises many questions. How do we know he was baptized, did it really happen? That question asks the historicity of the event. A second question might be: "Who told us that Jesus was baptized?" That question asks for a source, "Who spilled the beans?" There is a third question and, to my spirituality, a more important question: "Why was this event included in the Gospel at all?" 


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Men's Retreat

Men of the parish — start looking ahead at your calendars. St. Juliana Men's Retreat is scheduled for Feb 8th -10th, 2019 at Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center in Sierra Madre. Men, pray about joining for a weekend of spiritual enrichment and growth. This year's theme: Be Not Anxious Living in the Peace of Christ
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Courtyard Paver-Leave an enduring legacy!

Brick pavers are available for purchase and can be etched with the name of parishioners, school families, and/or friends to honor loved ones, to celebrate a special occasion, or to create a family memory.
Courtyard Paver-Leave an enduring legacy! Featured Photo