What is Faith Formation?

The Church's Faith Formation (catechetical) mission aims to help the faithful of all ages to grow in both human and Christian maturity, enriching the whole of life with the leaven of the Gospel.  At St. Juliana we seek to reach this mission by offering Faith Formation to all our diversified age groups


Become Catholic

Are you coming to church with family or friends but are not yet Catholic?


Have you ever wondered if your faith journey would benefit from studying to Become Catholic? 


Do you know a friend, loved one, or neighbor struggling with their faith journey who’s asked you how to become more in touch with faith?


On September 14th, we will begin sessions for any interested adults over 18 who are curious, interested, or committed to moving forward on their faith journey. We will talk about our parish process for initiating adults into the Catholic Faith (Called Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or RCIA).


Our sessions will begin at 6:00 and will conclude by 7:00 pm.  All attendees will be invited to participate in our parish Bible Study from 7pm till 8pm.  All you need to attend is a desire to listen to attend.


If you are interested or if you’d like to invite a friend, loved one, or neighbor, please do and let them know you would be happy to attend with them so they feel welcome.


Again, these sessions will begin Thursday, 9/14 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Seven Holy Founders room.  All you need is the desire and God will do the rest.  We stand ready to be of assistance in your faith journey.


Become Catholic


2023- 2024 NOW OPEN

Families with children in grades K-5 We seek to engage the entire family in our Catholic faith using resources from Faith and Family Catholic Life Ministries providing Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation for Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Baptism.  Sacramental Preparation is a two-year process beginning as early as 1st grade.  Our resources equip parents as the primary faith educators, to share faith with their family.  The lessons are simple, interactive, and engaging as the family works together. Lessons are done at home around your family's timetable. We provide a schedule to keep everyone on target.  Our parents rave over the faith learning, simplicity, and interactivity as the entire family works together. Students eagerly engage in the lessons ask for more.  Additionally we gather all our families once a month on Sunday's after the 11am mass for an interactive family session working on a seasonal themes.  For additional questions please contact the Faith Formation Team. Sessions begin Sunday August 13th with kickoff at Noon in the parish center. Be sure to register! We look forward to your family joining us!


2023- 2024 NOW OPEN   

For Families with children in grades 6-8, seeking to engage your children in our Catholic faith, we offer faith formation through our EDGE Youth Ministry with biweekly sessions that include talks, games, music, and prayer. Additional information available CLICK HERE. For questions please contact our Faith Formation Team We are happy to assist.


2023- 2024 NOW OPEN  

For Families with High School students in grades 9-12 seeking to engage your youth in our Catholic faith, we offer Youth Ministry and Confirmation sacramental preparation. Youth Ministry happens throughout the year with a variety of engaging youth nights, service opportunities and retreats.  Confirmation sacramental preparation, a two-year process, prepares our youth to engage the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives, parish and community. Additional details available CLICK HERE. For questions contact our Faith Formation Team  We are happy to assist.


For Adults interested in continuing to develop a deeper understanding of our faith and/or pursuing the completion of their sacraments we offer Adult Confirmation for those over 18 in search of Confirmation, Eucharist and Reconciliation. Please register CLICK HERE You will then be contacted by James Abowd 


Becoming Catholic and Adult Confirmation begins weekly starting Thursday September 13, 2023 from 6-7pm. We will begin each session with a small meal for those rushing from work, home, or school. 



All parishioners are invited to participate in Adult Faith formation events, retreats and service opportunities throughout the year. These events are announced through our parish email communication, parish website banners and through our parish bulletin. To get this information quickly please sign up for our Flocknote email communication service at https://stjulianafalconieri.flocknote.com/                                                                     


Bible Study 

Wednesday mornings 7-8am with Deacon Darrell in the children's chapel

Thursday evenings 7-8pm with Deacons Tom Saenz and Darrell Miller in the Seven Holy Founders room    


Men’s Prayer Group all men are welcome to come and pray with us. Click for additional information