Mass Times / Confessions / Stations of the Cross - Revised 3/20/20

Daily Mass is live streamed I 6:30AM and Sunday at 9:00 with some singing. These are recorded and you can find them on – St Juliana Live Stream. At the Mass, information will be given to you. PLEASE WATCH THE RECORDED MASS, you don’t have to see it at live, it is recorded and can be watched for eternity, like your favorite television re-runs! 
Confessions will be heard on Saturday beginning at 3:30 in the Children’s Chapel. That space will allow both privacy and “social distance.” Please remain at “social distance” in the church or outside as the weather permits. Consult the media sites above for more confession dates and times during the week.
Stations of the Cross will be on-line March 27th (live) at 6:00 pm.
Parish Office will have reduced and most likely irregular hours. Should you need me, please phone me directly, office