St. Juliana Fall Festival

September 26, 27, 28

Friday, 5:00 -11:00 PM
Saturday, 3:00 - 11:00 PM
Sunday, 3:00 - 9:00 PM

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St. Juliana Falconieri
(1965 – 2015)
50th Anniversary in 2015

St. Juliana Falconieri family past and present, please join us in our celebration!

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Welcome to St. Juliana Falconieri Parish!

St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Community is a welcoming family dedicated to Proclaiming the Gospel, Celebrating the Sacraments, Educating, Serving, and Providing Opportunity for all to enrich their Faith.

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St. Juliana Falconieri?

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St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Community is a welcoming family dedicated to proclaiming the gospel, celebrating the Sacraments, educating, serving, and providing opportunity for all to enrich their faith.


Pastor's Message

Have you ever heard bad preaching in the Catholic Church? When was the last time you heard what you thought was bad preaching? Can you recall where that church was? Can you recall the Gospel that day? Most likely you haven't complained about the preaching here. Right?


Of course you have complained. Of course you have complained about the preaching here. It's easy to complain. It might be good to understand what a good homily should do so that you can become an informed critic!


Preaching is indeed a challenge. That's because the Word of God is a challenge. The challenge with the Word of God is to figure out how the selection of readings can lead the congregation to conversion as they listen attentively to the insights of the preacher. How can the Word of God be relevant to the congregation who have heard it so often that the challenging Word has become as old a friend as a familiar song: "It's one of those songs that's so easy to hear. You listen just once then you play it by ear...and all you remember is the la da da da!"


Further, trying to speak one message to the whole congregation is not so simple. Look around you and take notice of the members of the Body of Christ. Notice male and female, young and old, liberal and conservative, various social, economic, national, and educational backgrounds. YIKES! Try to compose one purposeful homily to fit all categories and will send each one home to learn, feel, and practice their faith. And the homily will not be vacuous or b-o-r-i-n-g.


So, the homily is supposed to be based on the readings of the day or perhaps a teaching on some part of the Mass itself. The homily ought to draw all listeners closer to the Lord who speaks His challenging word to each one.


Do your best to listen to the readings as if you are hearing them for the first time. Listen to what the scriptures are challenging you to do, the person they are encouraging you to become. Try to listen to the homilist as one who is helping you to become more aware of how God is at work in our world and your life. If the Gospel does not challenge you, you haven't heard it. If the Gospel itself does not challenge you, it's doubtful that the homilist will. If the Gospel upsets you and the preacher offers "a spoon full of sugar [that] helps the medicine go down" - you've received no favors. You need not leave Mass feeling bad about yourself, just challenged to greater faithfulness.


The readings and homily are not finished when the preacher is. You must go from the church and respond to what you have heard. As you are aware of the ways that God is present in your day; feel a sense of gratitude for God's presence and extend it to others. The work of the Gospel and the homily and the Mass begins when you go from the church into the community and glorify the Lord by the way you live your life.


A special thank you to C.L.I.F. for a great Brewfest. Thank you so much, a wonderful time was had because of your hard efforts. Thanks to all who began the grammar school year. Learn your lessons well, play fair, and don't bite!

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News and Announcements

Ministry Fair / Business Expo
Sunday, September 7th
8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Registration Now Open!
School of Religious Education (SRE)
Junior High Youth Ministry (JHYM)
High School Youth Ministry - 2nd Year Meeting
Mandatory Meetings:
2nd Year September 7th, 6:15 PM - Parish Center
Knights of Columbus 2014 Golf Tournament

Knights of Columbus 2014 Golf Tournament Western Hills Country Club
Monday, September 8, 2014
Interfaith Fair
Sunday, September 14, 2014
1:00 - 4:00 PM
St. Juliana Parish Center
Fall Festival

Fall Festival September 26th - 28th
St. Juliana Falconieri (1965-2015) 50th Anniversary
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