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St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Community is a welcoming family dedicated to Proclaiming the Gospel, Celebrating the Sacraments, Educating, Serving, and Providing Opportunity for all to enrich their Faith.

Seven Essential Elements of Parish Life

The Seven Essential Elements of Parish Life constantly interrelate, each nurturing and supporting the other with the communal celebration of Sunday Eucharist at the center.

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Christ Forever Capital Campaign

The Christ Forever Capital Campaign is designed to support our future Christ Cathedral, local parishes in their designated projects, Catholic education, Priests retirement and Diocesan ministries.

For Christ Forever

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St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Community is a welcoming family dedicated to proclaiming the gospel, celebrating the Sacraments, educating, serving, and providing opportunity for all to enrich their faith.


Pastor's Message

The Lord of the Hebrew Scriptures tells us to: “Come to the water. Come receive.” With the Lord we will be renewed. We respond: “The Hand of the Lord feeds us.” Jesus tells the disciples: ”There is no need for [the crowds] to go away. Feed them.”


 Don’t we start with a basic question for all of us: Why are we here? Why do we gather week after week or this liturgy we call the Mass?


 There are probably a lot of answers to that question. Some of us come because it's a habit. Others come out of obligation. Some come because their parents insist on it. Some come because long ago “Sister said” if you don’t get to Mass on Sunday you will get to hell for eternity! Some come for a time of relative peace and quiet. Others come to seek the Lord because they are grateful and need to give thanks lest they become selfish.


 Don’t we really gather because of love and no other reason?


We come for Eucharist, which comes from the Greek word for thanksgiving. We gather here each week to give God thanks and praise. Sometimes we may forget that. It's easy to focus on what we hope to get out of coming to church rather than on giving thanks for what God has already given us. The most important thing we find when we gather here is the presence of Christ himself. It is Jesus who is telling us who we are and how we fit into His body.


 And when we leave here, we go forth carrying Christ with us, taking him to our world that is in such need of his presence and his love. He teaches us and feeds us here to strengthen us to be Christ-bearers all week. Let us go forth from this place to love and serve the Lord.


 Might the food that we eat here at the Table of the Lord be our strength to supply the needs of others this week. We gather to give thanks, to seek strength, to become love of Christ. May we become what we celebrate!

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News and Announcements

Parish Day of Adoration
Thursday, July 31st
4th Annual C.L.I.F. "Brewfest"
Saturday, August 23rd
6:00pm - 11:00pm
You must be 21 to attend this event.
Fall Festival - Help Needed!
September 26th - 28th
St. Juliana Falconieri (1965-2015) 50th Anniversary
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