In Thanksgiving, join us for Mass. Bring your holiday bread & wine to this special liturgy to be blessed.
Please plan on including Thanksgiving Day Mass as part of your day.
(Note: One Mass only at 8:00 am Fri., Nov 28th)

Our parish provides an inviting, warm and welcoming atmosphere for all parishioners, by scheduling social events that bring our parish family together and help us all get to know one another.

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Welcome to St. Juliana Falconieri Parish!

St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Community is a welcoming family dedicated to Proclaiming the Gospel, Celebrating the Sacraments, Educating, Serving, and Providing Opportunity for all to enrich their Faith.

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St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Community is a welcoming family dedicated to proclaiming the gospel, celebrating the Sacraments, educating, serving, and providing opportunity for all to enrich their faith.


Pastor's Message

 Still trying to complete the parts of the Mass, let’s continue with this exciting installment. Last time we finished the Creed and the Prayer of the Faithful. Onward, Christian Soldiers! We used to call the part of the Mass after the Prayer of the Faithful the Offertory. Today it’s called the Preparation of the Gifts . It’s quite simple in its theology; the real offertory of the Mass occurs in the Eucharistic Prayer. The real  sacrifice is the sacrifice of Christ. It is Christ who offers himself; we join in that Great Sacrifice as we pray the Eucharistic Prayer.


 What is our action at the time of the Preparation of the Gifts? Easy answer really, we are preparing for the act that is to come, the Feast of the Table of the Lord. The Preparation of the Gifts is that time of prayer and action between the Liturgy of the Word and the Eucharistic Prayer. It is during this time that we prepare ourselves and the table for the Feast of the Eucharist.


 Notice the procession to bring the gifts to the altar. This time of the Mass has both a practical manner and a spiritual quality about it. It is the practical matter of bringing the bread and wine and the collection to the altar. It is also the way we are preparing for entering into Christ’s sacrifice. Those who bring the gifts  represent all of us. As the gifts are brought up, so are the hearts of the faithful raised up to the Lord of life and love. Our willingness to share in the sacrifice offered on the altar must be made real.


 The Preparation of the Gifts rite also includes the collecting of the gifts. It’s that time of the Mass when the ushers – hospitality ministers or as Garrison Keillor calls them; “The Herdsmen” - come around with that darned collection basket. Try to explain the collection to a young person. Is it the price of admission? Is

it to cover the cost of the quality of the music and preaching? Keep attempting to give a good answer. Be sure you understand, perhaps the best teaching will be a generous action on your part! (Just trying!)


 Truthfully, the collection of money is absolutely essential to keeping the parish going. The practical value of the collection of money is obvious! It is from your weekly contribution that parish budget is formed so as to provide programming for the parish, pay its employees and various operational bills. To be regular in

contributions many parishioners use “electronic giving” methods. Please consider using this opportunity. To begin or to check on (increase – just trying!) your on-line giving by visiting the parish web-site;  and scroll to “giving on-line.”


Seriously, the collection of money has more than practical value in the Mass. It goes beyond the goal of meeting the annual budget. Remember that it takes place during the Mass, specifically during the Preparation of the Gifts part of the Mass. Notice, the collection of money is brought forward with the bread and wine. The collection of money has something to do with preparing ourselves to enter into the sacrifice of Christ.


Money is a powerful symbol of ourselves. The process of getting money, spending money, saving money, and investing money tends to dominate our lives. So, when we give money to God and His causes we express our willingness to give ourselves to God.


What we give in the collection is a symbol of what we have to offer to God. It is offered as a reminder that everything we own is a gift from God. Our gift in the collection is both a sign and symbol of our gratitude and our readiness to enter into the sacrifice of Christ and God’s love for us. Our contribution reminds us

that what we own is a gift from God.


The General Instruction of the Roman Missal #73 speaks of the collection of money for the Church and for the poor. We need to remember that our gifts must do more than ensure the bills of our parish are being paid. Some of our collection must also go to the poor so that we obey the Lord’s command to “give to the least of our brothers and sisters.”


 Essentially, two words are important. They are first: liturgy, which means the work of the people. And Eucharist, which means thanksgiving. It is our work to give thanks to God for all that He has done and all that He continues to do for us.


During this week of Thanks-giving let us return thanks to God for all the good that He has bestowed on us. Not doing so would make us rather mean-spirited, selfish children of LOVE itself. We cannot say that we are ignorant of God’s gifts. Our work is the work of returning thanks. How shall we make a return

to the Lord for all the grace, that is love, He has given to us? That, my dear friend, is your and our work. Let’s get busy. If not now, when?

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Parish Office Thanksgiving Hours

Parish Office Thanksgiving Hours Parish Office will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving beginning Wednesday, November 26th at noon and will REOPEN on Monday, December 1st.
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Christmas Toy and Food Drive
December 6 / 7 (food bags given to parishioners) December 13 / 14 (full food bags collected from parishioners) December 15 / 16 / 17 (Food / Toy boxes assembled and delivered to the families in need in our community.)
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(Church) Youth Band
Date: 11/27/2014, 7:30 PM 8:30 PM
(church) Divine Mercy/Stations of Cross
Date: 11/28/2014, 3 PM 4 PM
Location: Church
(church) Baptism (Irving family) Fr Luke
Date: 11/29/2014, 10 AM 11 AM
(church) Baptism (w Fr Benzoni)
Date: 11/30/2014, 1:30 PM 2:30 PM
(church) Youth Band Set-up for 5pm Mass
Date: 11/30/2014, 2:30 PM 4 PM

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