Christmas delivery of food and gift baskets!

Dec. 8th – 9th Food collection (this weekend!) Please return food-filled grocery bags to the church when you come to Mass this weekend.

Mon., Dec. 10th Food sorting and boxing - begins in the Parish Center - 9am ... Help is greatly appreciated! (see pictures below) Tues., Dec. 11th Assembly of Gift Boxes and Toys - 8am ... Help is appreciated here too! (see details below)

fST. VINCENT DE PAUL TOY DRIVE (details) St.JulianaSchool,StaffandSmallChristianCommunitiesareaskedtopleasebringyourwrappedandgift-taggedgiftstothe ParishCenter. Gifts should be dropped off at the Parish Center as follows:

Monday, December 10th between 4:00 & 7:00 pm

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.


Tues., Dec. 11th (4pm to 9 pm) - Contact Keith Wismer at 714-336-5445

(pictures from previous Food and Toy Drives)


To all the good and faithful stewards who brighten the holidays through your love and kindness, and by being of service to those in need...thank you!
Please join this team of volunteers,
starting Monday morning at 9am, in the Parish Center. All are welcome!

Pantry visitors have now registered for St. Vincent de Paul’s/ Knights of Columbus annual Christmas delivery of food and gift baskets from St. Nick.

During this season of thanksgiving, if you are looking for donation ideas, please consider a cash donation to St. Vincent de Paul. Monetary donations allow us to obtain $20 grocery scrip for each of the 100+ families’ Christmas dinners, as well as $15 gift cards for 75+ teenagers. Checks may be made out to St. Vincent de Paul and placed in the collection basket or brought to the Parish Office. Donations are tax-deductible.
Another way you can help us is to keep the Pantry well stocked with donations. Our shoppers always look for items noted here:

Cereal: Cheerios are popular

Whole kernel corn – canned

Veg-all mixed vegetables

Vista pinto beans – canned

Dried pinto beans Dried lentils

Bagged rice
El Pato tomato sauce

Juanita’s Menudo


El Tapatio Hot Sauce

Peanut butter (very popular)

Canned tuna (very popular)

Canned pineapple

Canned fruit salad

Baby wipes

Books for children are always welcome.

Books for children are always welcome.

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