"Soles for Souls" & "Seeing is Believing"


The month of May is right around the corner — have you started your Spring cleaning? ... Do you have things in your home that you are ready to get rid of - that others might deem a treasure? During the month of May we would like to help you find a home for those ‘treasures’ that you no longer need....we will dedicate the month to various service projects to help you, and help others....

We kick off

May We Be of Service” with a

“Soles for Souls”

shoe drive.

Do you have a closet floor full of old shoes that you would like to donate or simple get rid of? Now is your chance!
Watch for “Soles for Souls” barrels around the church and school and donate your shoes. Bring the shoes when you come to Mass—

drop them off when your bring your children to school, SRE, or a parish meeting .

Our hope is to find an organization that can recycle and redistribute shoes
to those in need. Thank You!




~ eye glass collection ~
Most of us have old eye glasses that we will NEVER wear again — would you consider donating them? There are many

people that cannot afford eye glasses; your donation will help them. Watch for the “Seeing is Believing” basket in the entrance of the church starting the weekend of May 19-20, or

bring your old, no-longer-in-use glasses to the Parish Office.

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