Pastor's Message

We are beginning “New Normal” everywhere and every day. To prevent “new normal” from “new chaos” we direct ourselves by the charism – the spiritual gift – of St. Juliana, our patron. Her three gifts of community, Holy Eucharist, and faith formation will be ours. These will be our time, talent, and treasury.  


Community will not always be a physical community of people gathered together in the church or parish center. Through the internet and a variety of media we will be together. In the “new normal” the web-site, Facebook and Twitter will serve us. Through Google find St. Juliana Falconieri Church Fullerton or Facebook: St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Community. Twitter: St. Juliana Church & School. Although there is no one at the office desk you can still phone the parish office and leave messages at 714.879.1965 or phone me, Fr. Mike, directly 714.322.5862. You can leave written a message from the web-page under the “contact us” menu. The valuable ministry of Mr. Curtis Wesseln remains important, he is busy making personal telephone calls. Mrs. Jan Young is superb in posting the material she is given nearly every day to the web-page, Facebook, and Twitter. Mr. James Abowd, Mr. Gerrick Gamboa, Mr. Adam Ybarra, and I are putting material together to share with you. Please stay connected to the community via electronic means. We all miss the physical presence of each other. Use the electronic community to stay connected.


Liturgy. The Mass is live-streamed Monday-Saturday at 6:30AM and Sunday at 9:00AM. Once it is posted, the daily recording of the live-stream is available for you can pray the Mass and hear the homily at any time. You can access it on the web-site. The production of the Mass is the good work of several parishioners and our two deacons. The Sunday liturgy will, as far as possible, highlight some music from our church organ and a few choir voices. This is much better than my solo singing! I am grateful for the ministry of our music director Mr. Todd Helm and the voices that enhance the liturgy. On line you will find other prayers and devotions.  


Faith Formation. As school students are learning on-line, the ministers of St. Juliana Parish faith formation have changed their presentations from a physical community to a virtual community. For you Mr. James Abowd, Mr. Gerrick Gamboa, Mr. Adam Ybarra and I are preparing and presenting material so that we can continue to know, love, and serve God and our Church. You will even find a lesson on cleanliness and the Coronavirus from one of own parishioners, Christopher Celio, MD.


Our business office is continuing to serve you. With adjusted in office hours and working from home, we continue to the business work of the parish and school.


St. Vincent de Paul ministry has adjusted its activities and hours to serve the under-served.


Ministries have not ended, adjustments to hours and how to do what we do best are becoming the “new normal”. We don’t know what will happen next.


Parish revenue. St. Juliana Parish does not have ninety days (90) of cash on hand. This has been the case for some time. To anticipate the loss of revenue from Sunday Masses, the main source of revenue, the Diocese has offered directions to continue to minister and pay ministers. There is a proposal that all priest salaries will be reduced by twenty-five percent (25%) for the next six months. For us religious order men this will have consequences for the province. As I write this note, it’s a proposal.  


In times such as these, new tools are required to help reduce costs and preserve parish capital. Via telephone conference call, I met with the Parish Finance Council for two hours. The need for a “new business reality” plan became obvious. We favored furloughing some staff members. A furloughed employee is eligible for State Unemployment, thus better than a reduction in hours. No one has been fired or laid off. It’s not personal, it’s the circumstance. We also know that we will not return to “BACK” to normal. That won’t be good enough. St. Junipero Sera’s motto was: Sempre Adalente – Always Ahead.


Lastly, I wish that we were all physically present at Mass. I know we long for the day when the pandemic will end. If you were in church, you would make a donation to the collection. You’ve very generous in the past. We continue to rely upon your financial support. To make a donation visit the parish website, bring your envelope to the deposit box on the parking lot side of the parish center, or please put it the regular mail. Thank you.