Pastor's Message

August 5, 2020


Greetings All


Common at this time of year is a letter thanking you for volunteering to work at the St. Juliana Fall Festival. I’d invite you to begin planning for the great event of our community. “Won’t it be wonderful as we gather for fun, rides, food, bands, and of course a beverage? Can’t wait to see you all real soon. And once more, thanks for being part of it. The St. Juliana Fall Festival begins with generous good stewards. It begins with you!”


The Church is in the season of the year called: “Ordinary Time.” Haven’t we learned this time is nowhere close to “ordinary? Let’s call it “Ambiguous Time” instead!


Here’s the news: The St. Juliana Fall Festival is cancelled. I’m not sure it will be re-scheduled even through June 2021. The future is an ambiguity. Folks, all of us are living in ambiguous times.


We are planning to do a “virtual festival” in November that’s simply because the revenue is essential for both the parish and the school. That’s the truth, let’s be honest! It’s a virtue! More details to come about our November plans.


Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for the St. Juliana Community of Parish and School. I can’t thank you enough – or pray for you enough. Know of my thanks, thoughts, and prayers. During this uncertain time, please remember me! Indeed, we miss each other, even the work of the Fall Festival which brings us together.


Your continued and expanded generosity to the community remains outstanding and awesome.

Thanks so much. It’s the good, yet quiet things you do that give us life.


God bless,

Fr. Mike, OSM