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The National Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People is a landmark document announced by the U.S. Conference of Bishops in 2002. The document is a response to the sexual abuse crisis in the Church and is their "Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal."


Article 12 of the Charter mandates that all dioceses and parishes establish safe environment programs to help protect children from sexual abuse and child molestation. It will make clear to clergy and all members of the community the standards of conduct for clergy and other persons in positions of trust with regard to sexual abuse. This guideline is the basis for the Diocese of Orange safe environment program.


In January, 2004, the Bishops of the Diocese of Orange announced The Covenant With The Faithful, in which they have pledged to implement in every way the National Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and our own diocesan policies for the prevention of the abuse of children and young people.


Fingerprinting & Safe Environment Training - Volunteer and Employee Clearance Information. Per the Diocese of Orange policy, all church/school personnel and volunteers working with children (and vulnerable populations) must complete two levels of clearance. The two levels (steps) consist of a Safe Environment Training (SET) via an online video and quiz, and a federal background check/fingerprint clearance.


If you need additional information regarding Safe Environment, please contact Mrs.Vicki Delaney at (714) 879-1965.