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Becoming Catholic


Are you coming to church with family or friends but are not yet Catholic?

Have you ever wondered if your faith journey would benefit from studying to Become Catholic? 


Do you know a friend, loved one, or neighbor struggling with their faith journey who’s asked you how to become more in touch with faith?


On October 6th we will begin sessions for any interested adults over 18 who are curious, interested, or committed to moving forward on their faith journey. 


This is for those seeking to listen and explore with us as a family of faith.  Our sessions will begin at 6:30 and include our Bible Study from 7pm till 8pm.  All you need to attend is a desire to listen to attend.


If you are interested or if you’d like to invite a friend, loved one, or neighbor, please do and let them know you would be happy to attend with them so they feel welcome.


Again, these sessions will begin Thursday, 10/6 from 6:30-8pm in the Seven Holy Founders room.  All you need is the desire and God will do the rest.  We stand ready to be of assistance in your faith journey.